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Sins of the Father by EmmaDeMarais (PG13)

Title: Sins of the Father
Author: emmademarais
Fandom(s): Miracles
Characters: Alva Keel, Paul Callan, Evelyn Santos, OCs
Genre: Gen
Summary: Alva and Paul return to Amish country for a new and dangerous case

Sins of the Father Part 1
Sins of the Father Part 2

Deadline Reminder - Jan 1

As a reminder, the current round closes January 1. You can post your story at any time. Once again, thank you to all of you who posted already.



The deadline for the 2009 round has been extended to Jan. 1. As always, you're welcome to post your stories.

Also, thank you to those of you who've posted so far. Great work, everyone!


Title: The Case of the Missing Conventioneers
Author: gryvon
Fandoms: Psych
Pairing: Lassiter/Shawn
Genre: Drama, Humor, Romance

Summary: Sequel to The Case of the Missing Cockatiel. Several convention-goers have gone missing in Santa Barbara, and it's up to Shawn and the team to catch the killer before he catches Shawn.

The Case of the Missing Conventioneers

Possible Extension

Since we've had a number of people mention that they won't be able to make the November 1 deadline, I was wondering if an extension would help people meet their other time commitments and finish their stories. Please choose an option (or options) below. Thanks!

Would you like an extension?

Yes, until Dec 1
Yes, until Jan 1
No, I'm already done
No, I don't plan on finishing


Title: Even Otherwise I love you
Author: Jay Tryfanstone (tryfanstone on livejournal)
Fandom: Bollywood - Dostana
Rating: R
Word Count: 24,800
Pairing: Sam/Kunal
Genre: Drama
Summary: The film Karan Johar could have made: Dostana 2, a Bollywood love story starring Sameer and Kunal, two men drawn together by fate. And a little help from Sam's mum.
Beta: With many thanks, bethia_cathrain and q_i . Thanks also to the  smallfandom mods for the challenge: appreciated.

Give Me an L-O-V-E by guest_age (NC-17)

Title: Give Me an L-O-V-E
Author: guest_age
Fandom: Fired Up!
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,744
Pairing: Nick/Downey
Summary: After hooking up at cheer camp, Nick and Downey spent the following school year meeting up on weekends to have sex. But now that they're back at camp and staring college and the future in the eye, Nick's got to learn how to be a real boyfriend and how to finally let himself fall in love.

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Second Check-In

The deadline is fast approaching. Stories are due Nov. 1. By now you should be wrapping up and sending your story to your beta(s).

Feel free to post early. You can either post directly to the comm or link off to your own website/journal - whatever works better for you. If posting the full text to the community, please try to do so in as few posts as possible.

Please use the following format when posting:

Subject: [Story Title] by [Author's Name] ([Rating])

Pairing: (if applicable)
Genre: (optional)

Tag with '2009 challenge', 'author: [your lj name]', and 'fandom: [fandom]'. If you have problems creating tags, drop a comment here and I'll add it for you.


Author Check-In

Hi all! This is your monthly check in post. Drop a note to let us know how you're doing. ^_^ Doesn't have to be anything formal. Any problems? Going well? Haven't started yet?

Archive Migration Complete

All the stories from last year's challenge have been moved to this comm. (Sorry for the massive fic dump.) You can use the tags to browse by challenge year, author, and fandom. If you see anything amiss, drop a note here and I'll look into it.